Ordeal on Bearpen Mountain

What would you do?

The mountainous desolation along with the dismal foreboding wet dank weather didn’t encourage Roc Menello who made the rookie mistake of hiking in unknown territory. To compound the stupid mistake, Roc decided to take a short hike late in the day and he was lost without much daylight left but not a shortage of rain and slippery mud. Devil’s Claw grabbed his wet clothing and held him from moving through the heavy brush without having to fight it to break free of it.

He needed to make a decision to setup an impromptu camp or try to find his way out. The howling coyotes appeared to be following him so he decided to find shelter instead of trying to find his way out of the deep forested mountain. There was some comfort in Roc’s day hiking pack since it had a few needed items which will diminish his discomfort a bit.

The mountain was a confusing maze with what Roc called dog legs that compounded the confusion of this place which delayed his quest to find natural shelter.


Book One of Bearpen Saga is available on Amazon.com ” Ordeal on Bearpen Mountain”


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