Characters: Some Real, Some Imagined

As I write page after page and introduce characters to my story I typically personalize them loosely on people I know or knew.

One of the primary characters introduced in Ordeal On Bearpen Mountain is Game Warden Corey Manion who is one of the few who is based on nobody in particular. He has some of my characteristics while another character, Clay Stanton shares more of my personality.

Some characters develop as the story evolves and I find myself becoming endeared to them. Two salt of the earth characters who have become my favorites are Lester and Marcy Cambridge who are the elderly town historians.

Their home is often used as a impromptu field police headquarters where the rumpled overweight chairbound Lester becomes involved in assisting the lawmen on the topography of the mountainous region. His ever present wife Marcy is the overworked hostess who has a habit of singing while torturing a song simultaneously.

Lester is a retired land surveyor who has an abundant knowledge of Delaware and Greene Counties so his expertise is often requested when specific information is necessary in solving a crime.

More character discussion to follow.


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