Final Stages of “Danger At Bearpen Mountain”

country rd

Coming Soon!

The second book in the Bearpen Saga is a high paced story with an emphasis on a terrorist plot against the NYC water supply targeting the Pepacton Reservoir.

Another goal of the attack is to destroy the feeling of security in rural America by killing innocent residents living  within the less travelled back roads.

The dramatic tale takes the reader from the Catskills to Germany, Syria and back with a dynamic cast of characters, intense  current events, local daily life all  accented by our local cast of heroes who become involved in protecting their rural village & hamlet from foreign invaders.

Former dairy farmer turned drug dealer, Clay Stanton reappears after escaping to parts unknown living his life on the lam and the incredible team of Lester & Marcy Cambridge become involved in the strategy against the terrorist plot.

The Saga can be read in any order although some characters are introduced in Ordeal on Bearpen and are involved in Danger on Bearpen as well. Both books will provide tidbits of history and local lore to add dimension to the story.


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