Pre-Spring Thaw

spring thaw

The heavy hand of winter begins to soften during March although it reappears in the evenings and overstays its visit until midday most times. With the strengthening of the sun, the spawn of old man winter, snow, begins to thaw creating streams from the mountaintops resulting in small rivers downstream.

The problem of course is the unexpected warmer than norm temperatures which turn the slow melt into a fast thaw resulting in an enormity of water that cannot be absorbed by the still frozen earth. The icy waters then begin an assault on most anything within its path taking softening ground on a damaging ride; some trees are uprooted and large boulders sitting for eons create a change of the waters route. A temporary water lane which will completely fade when summer appears leaving behind an almost invisible scar on the hillsides.

A fast thaw brings mud.

Slick, slippery, oozing, slimy mud making a trek a torturous ordeal. One of the characters in Ordeal on Bearpen Mountain, Roc Menello found it out the hard way when he decided upon a late day hike into unfamiliar terrain. It wasn’t the only danger he came upon.

How would you handle the situation if it were you lost that late day?

In the 2nd book of Bearpen Saga,”Danger on Bearpen Mountain” to be released soon, the heavy waters from melting snow become a target for terrorists seeking large scale destruction.

The Rural Crime Adventures merges drama, comedy with local lore and interesting tidbits of history into a fast paced story.


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