Vega Valley School House


The school still stands although it now is immersed in overgrowth and hidden within the shadows of 2nd growth trees. It later became the home of a reclusive gentleman who has since passed on and subsequently passes back into the deep arms of nature.

Imagine through the years how the small district school house served its purpose as dairy farmers sent their children to be educated here. It sits among the desolate rural mountain valley standing the test of time as worthy and durable as the people. It has weathered countless blizzards, deep wind driven snow, drought, torrential  winds along with summer heat.

Consider the events that occurred within the one room school house such as Christmas plays, Lessons, Childhood Quarrels, Learning to Read, Graduation. The walls hold the secrets of time long ago while the hand blown glass windows bare light to the soul of the room.

Yet it stands alone in the alcove of trees & brambles.

As I drive past it I’m reminded of resilience, steadfastness, age, usefulness, uselessness, loneliness and yet still an obvious presence more than the mere mortality or remembrance of people long ago who resided here.


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